Welcome to Bernhard Rose Nursery

Roses speak to the imagination

Are you familiar with the phrase 'the scent of roses and moonshine'? Or what do you think about sitting on a 'bed of roses'? Roses have been cultivated for thousands of years and, for many people, speak to the imagination. of course at Bernhard Rozen, we woul rather not have you literally sit on rosze. put them in a lovely vase, and you can enjoy them for weeks.


Investing for good price and quality

Bernhard Rozen cultivates the beautiful Avalanche+ rose in Luttelgeest, Flevoland. Bram Bernhard tells more about it: 'Because in 2005, we modernized the lighting level of our greenhouses, we can deliver the same quality roses all through the year. In addition, we have invested in a heat cluster with our own potted plants companies, so that we can work more efficiently.'


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