Strong roses from the Noordoostpolder
Bernhard Rozen cultivates 6 hectares of cut roses in Luttelgeest, Flevoland. Bram Bernhard tells about the nursery: 'We are going for quality. In 2005, the rose nursery was modernized, with improvements in the lighting level. We can now deliver the same quality throughout the whole year. Your customers will therefore get long enjoyment from our roses. In addition, we are able to keep prices favourable with our sustainable energy supply and a smart internal transportation system. A computer-driven camera sorts the flowers. Our experienced personnel have love for the profession and treat the roses with care.


  • Extremely large, full, white flowers with a splash of green
  • 50 to 80 cm
  • With the right care, remains beautiful for about 2 weeks
  • Available throughout the year


  • 60,000 m² cut roses
  • 500,000 roses per week
  • Both delivery to the wholesaler and home sales



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